Licensure - Six-month Temporary Permit Verification

Six-month temporary permits are issued to nurses who have not been employed as a Registered Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse during the past four years and are used for the purpose of completing a refresher program, extensive orientation to the practice of nursing, or a nursing program of study under the supervision of an RN Instructor. Click this link for more information regarding Refresher Programs, Extensive Orientations and Nursing Academic Courses.

Six-month temporary permits can be verified using the nurses Last four digits of the Social Security Number AND Birthdate, or Last AND First name combination (Partial names are allowed, i.e. Ja Brown). Click on the labeled search tab, enter the desired parameters and click the SUBMIT button.

**Note, when performing multiple searches, click the RESET button before entering new search parameters to remove previously entered data.

Six-month Temporary Permit Verification

Search Criteria: Last four of SSN and Date of Birth

                      (MM/DD/YYYY) format

Search Criteria: Name


**Click the Reset button before each search to remove previously entered data.

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